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rakku shoe wheel Shoe Wheel   More Space for Your Shoes
This wheel is a new way to store shoes, especially if you have a whole collection of shoes, and the closet space is to little, or to messy. With this wheel you can store up to 30 pairs of shoes. Just roate the wheel, insert a pair of shoes into a pocket through the elastic bands, which serve to secure the shoes in place. The price for this wheel is $65 per piece not including shipping.Purchase it from RakkuDesigns


Furniture from weapons is a project started after more than 30 years of civil war, ending in 1998, the Cambodian gouvernment destroyed 125,000 weapons across the country. In this time a small arms specialist with the European Union, and British artist Sasha Constable, saw an opportunity, and decided to create The Peace Art Project Cambodia (PAPC) in November 2003. The Peace Art Project Cambodia was a sculpture project turning weapons into art as expressions of peace. In Cambodia this is the most beautiful way to get rid of weapons – transform them in furniture. From these pictures this furniture doesn’t look to comfortable, but for a good cause they are excelent.
521largebi1 Furniture from Weapons   A Peaceful Use of Weapons

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When you have a big house, with many rooms, some of the rooms are not used, and to not keep them empty you can make something useful, like these owners of this Wisconsin home did with their unused indoor pool. They decided that their unused indoor pool can become a veritable home theater, and they did a really great job having a spacious home theater with stadium-style seating. To find out more how this was made, and what they used read more onElectronichouse – Via UberReview
indoor pool into home theat Indoor Pool Transformed into a Home Theater

Inspired by the Sword Cabinet illusion beloved by magicians, this novel knife holder features a crouching figure behind glass.If you look at that little scared man you’ll see the comic and sinister side of this knife cabinet.I hope he will survive. icon smile Funny Knife Cabinet – You can get it for 59,95$ from here. – Via – Cooking Gadgets
knife cabinet Funny Knife Cabinet

The ZERO chaise is the metaphoric relationship of suspension under tension.The concept of weightless-ness is express in visual form, with its long extended base traveling as one continuous line. The seat trusts forward from the thin, 1″ thick polished steel base.A 2″x3″ polished steel tubular post seamlessly enters the backside of the seat, as the seat cushion continues to follow the 2″ profile line. The massive cant lever has been carefully engineered to make the seemingly impossible, possible.The chaise lounge also disassembles for shipping which further adds to the mystery behind its strength.- Found on Nolen Niu
zero chair ZERO™ Chaise Lounge

If you are a book lover this chair is just perfect for you. Sit back, relax choose your book from the “chair library” and enjoy some time with your book. The Bibliochaise is an armchair-library that can store up to five meters of your favorite books. You can customize this chair to your own preferences as it is available in different types of wood (and colors). Also the cushions come in a range of colors and fabrics. Check out the Nobody&co website for more information and stockists. – Via – Style Files
librarychair500x359 Library Chair

For those who want to throw a party this illuminating speakers can create a disco atmosphere, and make your guests feel good. These speakers are also portable and can be connected to any type of music source from a stereo system to mp3 player. So you can have a little party in your garden at night or anywhere outdoors.The colors of this speakers change to the rhythm of the music.You can have them for just £34.99 from Gadget-Planet.
sound sistem I Lit Sound Illuminating Speakers