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pilltowel Amazing Towel in a Pill
Huhh .. Technology continue to amaze me everyday.Today I’ve discovered something that I’ve never thought that could be real.Tiny pills that transform into an 11′ x 9″ multi purpose towel as you make it wet.These towel pills are an exceptional solution for those who don’t have to much space, or don’t want to feel overwhelmed with stuff when they go in a holiday.What can I say … I’m very impressed, just magical and pretty cool.A set of 16 Pill Towels is only $12, and you can buy them from here.Now for those who still don’t believe that this is possible, here you have a video demonstration.


This floor is something that stands out from the crowd.The new Puzzle Floor elicits expressions of surprise and amazement .A perfect solution for children’s bedrooms , but not just for children’s. Available in 13 colors, the tiles can be mixed for unique and personal installations. Made of solid northern hardwood, each piece is pre-finished and precision cut for a high-quality wood flooring of perfect alignment.If you are interested you can see more details and of course prices here.
puzzlefloor1 Puzzle Floor: Something Original for Your Grounds

Inspired by the Sword Cabinet illusion beloved by magicians, this novel knife holder features a crouching figure behind glass.If you look at that little scared man you’ll see the comic and sinister side of this knife cabinet.I hope he will survive. icon smile Funny Knife Cabinet – You can get it for 59,95$ from here. – Via – Cooking Gadgets
knife cabinet Funny Knife Cabinet

This subwoofer chair has an interesting design, but I don’t know if his designer Jacob Mathew has decided to actually produce this chair. The musical chair features a calcium carbonate poly-coned woofer seated in the belly of the chair to let you experience musical sensations while you are dining, watching TV or doing anything on it. – Designer website
muscical chair Musical Chair with Subwoofer

If you wake up often during the night to grab a snack, or go to toilet this slippers might be something very useful for you especially if you have a big home reducing the risk of tripping over objects or running into doors, furniture or anything not easily seen in the dark. They are also ideal if you drop something down. The price is a little bit high ( $89.00 ).Anyway if you want them you can buy them from Bim Bam Bannana.
led slippers Lighted Slippers

Sunpentown did an amazing job with this 3 in 1 Breakfast Maker.You can brew a fresh cup of coffee, toast a croissant and fry up an egg all at once. Until I saw this breakfast maker I knew that only cell phones had multiple functions, like mp3, camera, calculator, etc. Now we can have something that cook a fast breakfast for just 69$. This breakfast maker is very useful for small places, and make a great job and a fast one. – Buy it from here
3in1 breakfast maker 3 in 1 Fast BeakFast Maker

Have you ever wanted a floating bed, like those from SciFi movies ? Now it’s almost possible.The Fluttua bed from Lago has the appearance that it is floating a short distance from the floor. To give the bed its floating appearance, the frame attaches to the wall and supports a single post under the center.I’m sure that this bed can have a strong impact on your visitors, and they will be impressed. – Product Page
.lagostudio fluttua bed 2 Fluttua   The Floating Bed