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Today I’ve decided to post something new on this blog. Something for more inspiration, because that’s why you are here. So let’s start with a set of beautiful bedroom design pictures. From time to time I will add new sets of bedroom inspiration, as you see this is the #1 ( first set ). I know that these bedrooms might be to expensive for some people, but I post them for inspiration. Enjoy !bedroom inspiration7 Bedroom Inspiration #1

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I know some people who love to stay all day in the tub. So when I’ve found this “tub sofa” how I like to call it I immediately thought at them.The design in pretty interesting but I prefer something more stylish, but who knows maybe you like it. This four to six feet in length “tub sofa” can be yours for $2900 with Tax included on US purchases from here.
living savon Tub Sofa

pilltowel Amazing Towel in a Pill
Huhh .. Technology continue to amaze me everyday.Today I’ve discovered something that I’ve never thought that could be real.Tiny pills that transform into an 11′ x 9″ multi purpose towel as you make it wet.These towel pills are an exceptional solution for those who don’t have to much space, or don’t want to feel overwhelmed with stuff when they go in a holiday.What can I say … I’m very impressed, just magical and pretty cool.A set of 16 Pill Towels is only $12, and you can buy them from here.Now for those who still don’t believe that this is possible, here you have a video demonstration.

This floor is something that stands out from the crowd.The new Puzzle Floor elicits expressions of surprise and amazement .A perfect solution for children’s bedrooms , but not just for children’s. Available in 13 colors, the tiles can be mixed for unique and personal installations. Made of solid northern hardwood, each piece is pre-finished and precision cut for a high-quality wood flooring of perfect alignment.If you are interested you can see more details and of course prices here.
puzzlefloor1 Puzzle Floor: Something Original for Your Grounds

Designed by Stephanie Marin in 2004, the Living stones are made of 100% virgin wool.The interior are made with hypoallegenic polysilicone fiber. Cushions and sofas are built around a structure in foam “Bultex” type. A product that can be great for a kid room .They may look like stones but in fact they are really comfortable. Prices are available from smarindesign upon request.
living stones Living Stones

LumiGram is a French luxury fashion accessories, clothes and decoration items designer. Now the interesting part is their products, high tech clothes & decoration items based on a new Luminous Fabric technology. As you can see from the pictures this Luminous Fabric, based on Fiber Optics, emits a colored light along the full length of the fibers, producing a stunning luminous effect.
Unlike other light sources like Neon or LED, the light coming from the Luminous Fabric is subtle and mysterious, allowing to create amazing, stylish and wonderfully original clothes and fashion accessories.

luminous fiber pillow2 Luminous Fabric   Light Your Style

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This chair was made for people who are always on the move .People who need to pack and move. You can easily pack it into a mobile box, as you can see from the pictures. Made from wood, aluminium, leather this chair is a nice piece of furniture, but is a little bit expensive 3,900 Swiss Francs, or US $5,192.If you are interested you can purchase it from Heinz Julien.
cube1 Cube Chair

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